Covid-19 Procedures

Housekeeping Standards

We’re enhancing our Housekeeping Procedures & Sanitation Standards

At Sandiegovacation, providing safe and clean environments for our guests is always a top priority – even more so today. We remain committed to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness, and want you to feel at ease while staying in our homes. 

We’re maintaining our existing high standards of cleanliness and providing additional COVID-19 guidance to our housekeeping partners about proper disinfection techniques consistent with the CDC’s published guidelines. All spaces are thoroughly cleaned with a focus on disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as remote controls, light switches, door handles, tables, toilets, and sinks. 

Our housekeeping partners are also encouraged to pay extra attention to self-protection through best-practices like washing hands and wearing rubber gloves.

Please know, our guests can expect the highest quality care and attention to detail from the Sandiegovacation today and every day! As always, please use your own vigilance toward good hygienic practices in concert with our cleaning standards are the best defense against this virus or any other. While we’re sure you’ve seen the CDC guidelines relative to best personal practices at this time, but if not here is a link you may want to review with your family:


  • Encouraging masks for all guests
  • All Keys disinfected with FHA Approved Viruscide
  • Initial start of hand sanitizer provided
  • Initial start of disinfecting wipes provided
  • Entire vacation condo fogged with safe EPA validated botanical disinfectant before use
  • Special attention in cleaning using an EPA validated disinfectant on all surfaces and frequent contact points


  • Daily health checks ensure that each cleaner, maintenance, and office personnel on our team is symptom-free
  • Face mask and gloves are required on cleaners and maintenance personnel at all times
  • Hand washing is required every 30 minutes.

Disinfectant Fogging

We perform  disinfectant fogging and spraying on every property after every occupancy with safe EPA registered safe botanical disinfectant/Virucide. This process releases a steady and even stream of sanitizing droplets into the air which settle onto surfaces and into cracks that you can’t reach with other cleaning methods All fabrics are sprayed, all cabinets opened. 99.9% of all bacteria.Virus are killed within 4 minutes.

CDC Approved Cleaning Agents

All Sandiegovacation cleaners are trained in CDC cleaning procedures along with the use of CDC recommended cleaning agents, which are known to kill all known pathogens, including Corona Virus.

Protective Gear

All housekeepers and inspectors will wear protective masks and gloves when cleaning rentals.

Re-wash Dinnerware

We ask Guests to wash the Dinnerware. (Guests who are concerned may wish to re-wash the dishes, pots and pans or utensils prior to use).