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About Us

About Us

Sandiegovacation was established in 1999. Started with 1 property, that a local realtor managed. I thought they could use more organization, so I asked to partner up with them, and manage the vacation property management side of the business. The company grew by a few rentals each year, and now we manage 30 properties. In 2004 I bought the realtor side of the business, and became the sole owner of Sandiegovacation.

San Diego Property Management Services

We take the stress and effort out of having to run a successful and profitable vacation rental home. Due to our 17 years of experience, we know how to handle every single aspect of the vacation rental industry and can accommodate all requests from all of our vacation rental owners and guests. The following are some of our largest features and services, but we can accommodate further needs upon request.

Property Inspections

e provide free consultations to homeowners to assess the value of your home and will recommend required repairs or items that needed. Generally, all of your sleeping arrangements will need to be equipped with two sets of linens and towels for each occupant up to the maximum occupancy that is advertised. In addition, the kitchen will need to be outfitted with enough table placements and utensils for the maximum number of guests. The basic cookware will also need to be provided for future guests. You may purchase these in advance or you may request that we source these for you.

Tenant Screening

We make sure that every single tenant is respectable and will meet your standards. You may opt to be a part of the tenant selection process or you may prefer to be uninvolved and let us handle it. Either way you will be notified of the dates reserved, guest information, and the rental rate you will obtain.

Property Monitoring

We inspect your home before and after all guests check in or out of the home. We handle all of the charges to the guest that are required when there is damage to the home or misplaced items.

Accounting Services

You’ll receive monthly checks when guests stay in your home. During the tax season, you’ll be provided the 1099 form necessary to complete your taxes. If you need help with the forms or have any questions, our on-staff bookkeeper will be available to assist you.


We commit to making your home look professionally managed by bringing in a professional photographer to take pictures and video. This media will be placed on a variety of vacation rental home websites.

Guest Services

Guests will get to enjoy a concierge service under the professional care of our reservation management team, including 24/7 guest assistance.

Property Maintenance

We know San Diego very well and have many professional maintenance crews on hand to handle all issues and maintenance regarding your vacation home rental in San Diego.

Flexibility & Transparency

Whenever you and your family want to occupy home, just let us know and we will have it blocked off our live calendar and have it cleaned and ready for your arrival! An “owner login” is also provided to access our reservation software to see all notes and reservations in real time.

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